We chase feelings.


At CNC, we take a personalized approach in order to create something that is not only beautiful, but also resonates with our clients.

We want you to remember how your heart fluttered when you saw every little detail in place. Your grandmothers photo attached to your bouquet, your partner waiting at the top of a beautiful aisle and your guests enjoying all your favourite sweet treats.

Thoughtful curation and all the pretty details, are exactly what we are about. We are true believers in elevation by design.

We absolutely love couples that are focused on being in the moment on their wedding day. Kick off your heels, grab your drink and hit the dance floor! It's definitely a vibe.

Aren't afraid to let loose with their family and friends.

our dream clients

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years in the wedding planning & design game

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team members minimum at each wedding we produce


of our couples book design & coordination. find out why!


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01. Let’s Meet

It all starts with the discovery call. Grab a drink of your choice and lets talk about the visions you have for your wedding and the things that are keeping you up at night.

02. Let’s Plan

We're officially working together and now it's time to really dive into the details. We have a sure fire plan to make things happen and now it's time to let our creativity and organizational skills soar.

03. Let’s Party

All the logistics and design elements are in place and now we are ready to do the thang. Have fun, be in the moment and truly make sure you enjoy!  They say it goes by in a flash and they are right.

photos by: grey lily photography


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